New York, New York (Part III)

Hey guys!

If you have not read the first and second part of my New York City travel diary yet, make sure to do it before reading this post. This is the last blog post about my stay in New York. The next post will be about Miami and also about my horrible flight from NYC to Miami.

On the second and third day we only went sight seeing because we did the whole shopping thing on the first day. We decided to make a Hop on Hop off Tour through lower Manhattan. It was very nice but really cold because the heater of our bus broke down. At the lowest point of Manhattan we got of the bus to take a ferry to Staten Island. I can really recommend this ferry to anyone who wants to see the Statue of Liberty because it is free. The ferry does not stop on Liberty Island but you can take beautiful pictures of the Statue and of the skyline.

A definitiv must see if you are into architecture is the Guggenheim Museum. I swear, I have never seen a museum for modern art that was build in a greater way. As you can imagine, I am a huch fan of art and architecture. So for me the building was a real highlight. But the exhibition at the Guggenheim was really weird. Therefore I regret to have spent money on that. So if you are not sure that you will like the exhibition, just get into the museum because you can also enjoy the great architecture without buying a ticket.

We spent the last evening in New York at the Hard Rock Cafe. I love everything about the restaurant. Therefore I have visited it in more than ten countries. This time I choose chicken wings as a starter. They were just perfect. After that I ate a Classic Burger. Also so delicious.

As we walked out of the restaurant we were really surprised because the whole street was full of snow. It was so beautiful. It is sad that you can not capture the real beauty of this situation in a photo. But I tried to.

This as the last post about my trip to New York. Hope you liked it. If you want more posts about NY like "were to eat" or anything else just write it into the comments or send me an e-mail (coleoftheday@outlook.de). Stay tuned for posts about Miami and a big shopping haul from Amerika!

Love, Cole.

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