flight essentials

The reason why I'm writing this post is that I will fly to New York City in 2 days. I'm so excited!!! It's a long distance flight therefore I will need a few important things in my hand luggage. 

#1 - headphones

Source: wearefrends.com

Listen to your favorite songs with this stylish headphones! I recommend you to make a playlist before leaving, so that you don't get attired of songs you don't like.

#2 - eye mask

One of the most important and fancy essentials for a long distance flight if you want to sleep.

#3 - beauty case 

Source: tedbaker.com

The perfect little bag to put your make up in.

#4 - travel neck pillow

Source: aliexpress.com

Also an important and cute thing for sleeping in the plane.

#5 - lip balm

This lip balm by Khiel's is my favorite one for traveling. It's just so easy to apply.

#6 - concealer

Source: douglas.at

If you don't get enough sleep this concealer can be a lifesaver!

#7 - book

Source: amazon.de

A good book is always a good idea.

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