New York, New York (Part I)

Hey guys!

Since I was a little child I always dreamed about this one city. Nevertheless I had to wait till I turned eighteen to receive the most amazing present a girl could ever wish for - a Prada bag with a mysterious book in it. As I opened that book my eyes turned even bigger as they already were after getting the bag. The mysterious book was a travel guide and in it were two tickets to New York City. It seems that this could not get better, huh? But it got even better after I was told, that we were going to Miami too. I was totally speechless and so grateful.

A month ago, it was time. My mum and I traveled to New York City. But first we had to go to the Vienna International Airport by car because there is no direct flight to New York from my hometown Graz. After checking in we had breakfast at the Sky Lounge. The breakfast buffet is very nice and also free if you are members, like my mum and me. The lounge also offers other benefits like free WIFI, television and comfortable possibilities to sit down and relax. If you have a longer stop at an airport make sure to go to a lounge because it is so much better than waiting at the "normal" airport area.

The flight was ok. I was quite annoyed because some children screamed the whole time. My solution was to watch movies and series during the whole flight. The food was good as always at Austrian Airlines. It is my favorite airline because in my opinion the stewards and stewardesses are more friendly than the ones from other airlines and of course because I like the food so much.

watching TWO AND A HALF MEN in the airplane

We arrived very late in the evening at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. If you ever went to New York City from a foreign country by plane, you know that the first thing when arriving at the airport is waiting, waiting and waiting. We had to wait (just) one and half a hour. I think that is not quite long because some friend of mine once had to wait three hours.

After getting our luggage we went straight to Manhattan with a yellow cab. We were so tired but our eyes were wide open as we saw the city sparkling (it was already 10 pm as we left the airport). Our hotel was very close to the Time Square and Broadway, so after checking in at the hotel we walked a bit around and took some photos. Times Square is so impressive, I have never seen something like this before. There are so much lights, that you think it's midday but I took the photos below at about midnight.

I will separate my New York travel diary in 3 parts, because I think one huge post is way too long. Hope you think so too. Stay tuned for the next posts about New York and Miami that will follow in the next days!

Love, Cole.

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